Tristram Miravalles

Tristram Miravalles (b. 1983) is a multi-disciplinary visual artist hailing from Cadiz City, Philippines. He offers one of the most tragic, haunting and provocative pieces amongst a rich myriad of Visayan artists; deviating from the often-pleasant imagery associated with their locality. Miravalles dissects his life and the death surrounding him through oil and acrylic, even making use of sculptures and installations. His tortured, mutated characters are often alone in grey-toned violently-muted textures.

Miravalles has participated in both local and international exhibitions such as Untamed Territory (Gallery Orange – Bacolod City PH, 2015), Configuration (G13 Gallery – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 2015), Delayed Gratification (HOM Art Trans – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 2015), LIFEFORCE (Gallery Orange – Bacolod City PH, 2015), Concurrence (West Gallery – Quezon City PH, 2014), Collaborators (Boxplot – Bowden Australia, 2014), and SAGE 3 (Perahu Art Connection – Jogjakarta Indonesia, 2013). He has also had a number of solo exhibitions including Toxic Scars (Ysobel Gallery, Taguig PH, 2015), Prayers of the Sick (Blanc Gallery, Quezon City PH, 2014), Lethal Dose (Ysobel Gallery, Taguig PH, 2014), Shallow Grave (Blanc Gallery, Quezon City PH, 2013) and Mental Shock of Tristram (Gallery Orange, Bacolod City PH, 2011).

Miravalles studied Painting in La Consolacion College, and is based in Bacolod City, Philippines. He is currently preparing for a show in Ayala Museum this coming June.

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