Rafael Paderna

Paderna is a multi-awarded and well-recognized artist. He has works on acrylic on canvas, oil on canvas, oil pastel, chalk pastel, bronze cast sculptures and welded bronze sculptures. Both his paintings and sculptures have been recognized not only in the country, but in other countries as well. A signature image in his works is what he calls “the hands that rock the cradle,” which are basically images of women with big hands. He aims “to give joy to the viewer, to relate my thoughts, my experiences, and my feelings as an artist, to represent my time so that in the future, that generation will have an idea of what is art in our time. To be remembered as an artist (not a craftsman) and give back.” The vibrancy of the colors and the grace of his sculptures are striking. But what makes Rafael Paderna’s works stunning are the stories that these works depict, and what they stand for.