Megumi Miura

Born and raised in Japan, Megumi Miura (b. 1991) is a self-taught visual artist currently residing in Negros Occidental. She used materials that are primarily water-based, specifically pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic. Miura’s art juxtaposes innocent childhood iconography such as TV shows and children paraphernalia, with lewd and suggestive nude bodies. Her works are often mistaken for erotic; however, the works, mixed with Japanese influences, serve a nostalgic purpose for the artist and her past.

Miura has had one solo exhibition: Eye Scream Flavors (Sanders, 2014) and several group exhibitions including Adore Atomik (Gallery Orange, 2015), Feminine Wash (House of Frida, 2015), Rebirth of Sins (House of Frida, 2015), God Hand x No Brain Cells (House of Frida, 2014), and My Own Lisa (The Art District, 2014).