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The Gallery

Gallery Orange is one tangible contribution towards the elevation of art consciousness in Negros.

Gallery Orange is about staying true to our personal truth; it is about being aware of the truth of others; about respect for men who call themselves artists because they are heroes of their inquisitions and prove it by preserving priceless truths of our times.

Gallery Orange is also about addressing the needs of these creative documentors; about exposures, dialogues, forums, artists’ talks and especially exhibitions; about all of these activities that feed the soul of which a venue is sorely needed.

Gallery Orange, most especially, is about the things we see when we look at a work of art; about the values that come to the fore when provoked by versions of beauty; it is coming face to face with our definition of who we are.


Gallery Orange started in 2005 as the first professionally run gallery exclusively dedicated to the creative requirements primarily of the visual arts, and by association the other forms of art, in Negros. It was a collaborative undertaking between visual artist Charlie Co and businessman-artist Victor Benjamin Lopue, III. Ever since its inception, the gallery speaks the universal language of art and is therefore open to both Filipino and visiting foreign artists.

The gallery started at the second and third floors of Orange Hall in the Lopue’s Group of Buildings. To date, it occupies a wide flexible gallery space in the second level of the Art District main building, still with the Lopue’s Group of Buildings at Lopue’s Mandalagan Annex, Bacolod City. It is a venue for curated exhibitions, changing exhibitions, installation art, and other art events.

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T. +63 2 123 4567
M. +63 917 123 4567
email: [email protected]

2/F Art District Main Building, Lopue’s Mandalagan
Bacolod City, Philippine 6100

Monday thru Saturdays 2PM – 9PM
Sundays by appointment

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